Bryan Onel, suspect of horrific misconduct, internet predator & menace, imposter of information security and fake hacker


What does a real life Serial Cyber Stalker and Internet Troll/Predator look like, act like, and behave like - and really how far do they go to try and ruin the lives of their victims? You be the judge. This is just some of the evidence that supports some of the actions in factual support of Bryan Onel's online activity as a cyber stalker, an online proven criminal, a person who has committed countless criminal offences which are documented, and outrageous stalking that is so horrendous, what you see on this "FAIR USE" website consists of only 0.25% of the velocity and seriousness of this offender.

BRYAN ONEL CISSP OF AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS  (https://twitter.com/bryanonel86, https://nl.linkedin.com/in/bryan-onel-cissp-66832417, https://www.crunchbase.com/person/bryan-onel,https://www.facebook.com/public/Bryan-Onel, https://refind.com/BryanOnel86, https://www.slideshare.net/bryanonel1, https://www.oneleet.com)  ANYONE WHO KNOWS THIS 'PERSON' MUST READ THIS REAL EVIDENCE.

Bryan Onel is proven to be a serial internet troll and proven to engage in cyber crimes, he is known as @BryanOnel86 on Twitter, he is more than an Internet Troll. He has proven to stalk the lives of others in the IT industry. He exhibits predatory like behavior and lives at Overtoom 290, AMSTERDAM 1054 JC NL. He has allegedly used fake phone numbers to stalk his victims. His real phone number is: +31.652150765. He (without merit) attacks his victims by stalking on social networks and incites others to do so. He claims to be a 'hacker' and has been caught out 'attempting' to engage in social engineering, but instead demonstrating fraud and impersonation. He has allegedly displayed multiple personalities, has been known to create multiple fake profiles, have conversations with himself on those profiles and attack professionals by verbal, pictorial and textual disgusting methods. He has allegedly engaged in illegal hacking, fraud, scamming and it is fact that he has jumped at rumors and immediately blamed and stalked people with no evidence for self glory. The world needs to stand up to people like this. This is just some of the true facts behind Bryan Onel, made with the 'Freedom of Speech' at the forefront to protect all, he is proven to be a serial stalker and predator on the internet.

This individual has performed activities that are by definition 'cyber-crimes'. This site will document the evidence of the danger this person has caused to a profession that expects decency.

"OPINION: In viewing the evidence, Mr. Onel appears to be a disgusting man that not only stalks his victims but display multiple personalities"

OneLeet.com is the Internet Troll's hiding aka 'working' place.

It has been proven with evidence that Bryan Onel and his trolls endorse crime, lie to the media, but cannot handle being exposed, so attack this server, which is being reported to the authorities and the IP's will be reported as proxy bots, just to stop the truth on this website from being made public. However, in the alternative, they are happy to destructively attack innnocent victims, calling them Charlatan's and self educated (without evidence or merit) which is absolutely absurd and denied, engaging in acts of cyberterrorism that are intended to harm the reputation and business of indvidiuals for no logical or vald reason at all other than to make fun of a person through sheer jealousy and lack of morale. Bryan Onel and his uneducated thugs CAN EXPECT 1000 times more damage back by way of legal and reputational damage due to the crimes and civil wrongs they are committing. They even have the nerve to call themselves professionals, when they are trolls and Charlatan's themselves in what they allege is their 'profession'. If you engage and act like an Internet Troll then you can expect that the world will see you as an Internet Troll - if you disrupt the commercial world, you can expect to have the commercial world react back. If you break the law, expect the law to come at you. If you injure someone's reputation, expect to be sued.

Latest news from the stalker and his goons - the blame game - PLEASE DO ARCHIVE THIS SITE - THIS STALKER NEEDS TO BE MADE KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC

This is for the public to decide what they think of this "creature" and what he has done to normal working people not even in his country.

Instead of fiction, this site aims at fact as below:

Bryan Onel, after getting James Hemmings from https://blog.jameshemmings.co.uk/ a person who claims to follow the ethos of CREST and many other UK associations to call the victim at 2am, wake up the family, secretly record the phone call without knowledge, and intimidate and harass the victim whom he has never met, Bryan then edits parts of the phone call and makes a rap song and uploads it to the internet. He has also made a Quiz. At this point it is accurate to say the victim has only barely defended the attacks and tried to rely on police help, and has otherwise been left alone with hundreds of these foul stalkers playing games like this.